FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions About Athena Search

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the design of the Athena Search be customized to match my website? Absolutely. There are two types of layouts to choose from. Also, there is an option in the Admin panel for customization of the template and styling. Our integration team will make sure to help you out and match the template with your web store’s design.

Does Athena Search support Magento 2? Of course. We have a Magento 2 extension which enables you to easily integrate with our dashboard. 

Does Athena Search have a module or extension? Yes, currently for two platforms, Magento and WordPress.

How often does the Athena Search Index? i.e., how fast can Athena Search update my product information? Athena dashboard uses cron jobs to reindex the data. There are several options to choose from: hourly, daily, weekly or monthly.

How does Athena Search get my product information? Athena Search is able to index the product feed data in the XML format according to the Google products feed XML standard. Our search engine has got a Magento 2 extension which consists of APIs whose aim is to pull the data from your website.

Is there Athena Search for WordPress? Yes, but it is currently in the beta testing phase.