About Athena Search by SyncIt Group

Athena Search is a smart and powerful search engine developed from scratch by Syncit Group’s devoted engineers. Its main features are customizable autocomplete, feature-rich dashboard, and smart predictions that provide eCommerce stores with the best and most relevant search results.

The idea first came to us based on our vast experience with the Magento development, merchants’ needs, and eCommerce in general. Despite being easy to use, to simply set and forget, the default Magento search can still cause a variety of difficulties and has got a few limitations that can affect the precision of the search. Even with the built-in Elastic Search, it is very limited for the needs of expert merchants. The same problems arose with the 3rd-party solutions we have tried using afterward, so we have decided to develop our own software solution that will bring the search to the new level.

Our company is aware of the fact that large companies and brands need more, so our solution was to build a smart and powerful search that would be able to meet the needs of our clients at the highest possible level. And that is why Athena was created.